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Judicial Review Outcome

We are devastated to have to tell you all that our legal challenge of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has been unsuccessful. The court has heard the evidence and decided that the NMC did not act unfairly, did not act unlawfully.  Sadly, we must accept that decision since we don’t have the resources to take this legal action any further and the advice is that it is unlikely to be successful.

We believed strongly in our case against the NMC, which was why we brought this judicial review.  But we wouldn’t have been able to do so without the enormous warmth and passion and financial backing of all of you, our supporters. We owe you a deep debt of gratitude, and we are only sorry that the outcome hasn’t been what we hoped.  We now have the uneviable task of paying for the legal costs.

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Independent Midwives still require your help for our "Fighting Fund"

We (at IMUK) are asked many times how you can help us and it is so appreciated!

Here are ways you can help the "Fighting Fund" for IMUK.

Previous IM client and now Student Midwife Jane Ashwell Carter has organised Seasonal cards for IMUK, with proceeds to the IMUK fighting fund.  To order follow these instructions:  

1.  Log onto Paypal, it will ask you what you want to do, here "purchase goods", add the amount you want to send, this is the cards and P&P.

£5 pack of 5, £8 pack of 10. Please add 98p P&P for up to 20, and £1.74 for 20 - 50.

2.  Add Jane's email address  
3.  Just under this there is an area called “notes” add your order in there.  Most Paypals will automatically put your address on the message, but you can add it here as well -  just in case.

Join IMUK as a "Friend" or "Student"


 Donate to the "Go Fund Me" page

Do watch our beautiful movies, with our midwives, their women and their babies.

Download "Easyfundraising"


Thank you all so much!!


2017 has been a difficult year for BactoNormality.  Where it was hoped that my diagnosis of Breast Cancer in September 2016 and the following treatment needed, I would be back at work full by Easter 2017 - sadly this was not to be, when I was advised to undergo chemotherapy as well as the surgery and radiotherapy. I was incredibly lucky to have been able to care for a a very small case load inbetween treatments and this gave me the motivation to just keep on going and not give up!!  I thank you!!   

My family, Trev, Emily, Soren and Lucy for looking after me at home, my beautiful sister Michelle for being there when I needed her....  IMUK midwives & Board for their support especially my partner at births, Janie Al Alawi for everything she did keeping my spirits up and motivating me, Italian Midwife Debs for staying here for her Erasmus programme and supporting me through each chemo and doing all the "Admin" for Bactonormality!  My two special student friends Lindsey and Jane, all my ex clients who sent me little messages, that gave me such a lift - just to say "Hi" and "thinking of you".  So many people I want to thank (so sorry if I have not named you) now I am coming out the other side, physically battered but still here!!  I am planning on actually taking a couple of months off clinical care to get fit again and work as my part of the board of IMUK to work towards a solution.  I hope to be back supporting birth by March 2018.  I can however still support antenatal and postnatal care.


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Information for Student Midwives and those thinking of applying to be a Student Midwife can be found Here


Services I provide:

Acupuncture :  Please see here for all the details about British Medical Acupuncture

Birth Pool Hire:  I have three pools available (when not in use by my clients) that can be hired at a cost of £75, this includes all you need and a birth pool liner.  Pool delivered at 37 weeks until you have had your baby.  I would be grateful if it can be cleanded and dried before returning.

Birth Pool in a box - Regular and Small

La Bassine

Pictures of the pools can be seen in the "Gallery" 


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