On the 17th March legal proceedings were served on the Nursing & Midwifery Council in a claim brought by IMUK members to ensure women can access the care and support they need at the most important time of their lives.

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Independent Midwives are asking for help for their "Fighting Fund"

We (at IMUK) are asked many times how you can help us and it is so appreciated!

Here are the three main ways you can help the "Fighting Fund" for IMUK.

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Do watch our beautiful movies, with our midwives, their women and their babies.

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Our professional regulator the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) have issued a decision that the indemnity cover that our members rely on is not appropriate. The implication of that decision is that currently our members may no longer provide the midwifery care that their clients want and are unable to support them through labour and birth...... Read more here....


2016 has been a pretty incredible year for BactoNormality.

Another 100% successful planned home birth rate for all clients this year!

I have had the absolute pleasure to meet and support quite amazing and strong women who knew what they wanted, knew they could do it, just did not get the support they needed!!  I have had the fabulous and unwavering support from my lovely colleague Janie Al Alawi, working with someone who has the same working ethos and motivation to support women!

 To be nominated for awards is very special, but to make the final (Pride of Shropshire) and to be a runner up (Birthplace Matters) is incredibly humbling.  To know that someone appreciates what you do, so much, they want to tell others is a great feeling!!  




Sadly not all has gone to plan, with a little health issue causing a bit of a setback, and greatly reduced caseload, but all should be back on track fully by Easter!  

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Information for Student Midwives and those thinking of applying to be a Student Midwife can be found Here


Services I provide:

Acupuncture :  Please see here for all the details about British Medical Acupuncture

Birth Pool Hire:  I have three pools available (when not in use by my clients) that can be hired at a cost of £75, this includes all you need and a birth pool liner.  Pool delivered at 37 weeks until you have had your baby.  I would be grateful if it can be cleanded and dried before returning.

Birth Pool in a box - Regular and Small

La Bassine

Pictures of the pools can be seen in the "Gallery" 


For more details and to book - complete the "Contact Me" Form